A new installation at Doveton Press

In June 2017 we upgraded our Heidelberg Suprasetter 75 to the very latest Suprasetter A52/A75, the most space saving and successful CTP platesetter of its class.

Being so compact this machine has a very small footprint and able to fit in an environment without any restructure. It is fully equipped with the latest technology and outstanding performance features.

It has a capability of running 2 different plate sizes and the changeover speed is very fast. Due to our heavy workload, we make more than average plates on a daily basis so it is imperative that the speed of the machine is optimal. On most days we need to continue plate making overnight to keep our presses busy.

From an environmental point of view which we are strongly in favour of, this Suprasetter has the lowest energy usage in its class and the lowest heat output.

Maintenance is minimal and this really is a ‘plug and play’ machine with a quick install on the outset.

A video is included below so you can see our machine at work.

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