Doveton Press Limited recognises that we have a responsibility to protect the environment by exercising proper control of our business activities to reduce waste and harmful effects on the natural world.
We are committed to finding ways to shape the way towards a more environmentally friendly operation.
We are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified C015170 and encourage use of sustainable sourced papers. By obtaining FSC® certification Doveton Press Ltd can demonstrate its commitment economically, environmentally and socially to responsible forestry.
Eco printing Bristol

Environmentally Friendly Papers

We encourage our clients to use environmentally friendly papers whenever possible which, is made easier by the fact that a large majority of paper we use is either FSC® accredited.

100% of our off-cuts, approximately 3 tonnes a week is recycled by Wye Waste Paper.

There are now a good range of recycled papers available which, do not add premium to cost, reduce landfill and most importantly, do not harm forests at all.

Also available are FSC® Chain of Custody certified papers. Chain of Custody certification provides independent evidence that forest products originate from well managed forests.

Responsible Chemical Disposal

All coating waste and wash out gum from our plate-making machine is collected by J & G Environmental Ltd, a specialist waste licensed contractor.

Chemical Free Plates

Our studio uses computer to plate technology with the Heidelberg Suprasetter which requires no developer and uses chemical free aluminium plates.  No film and related chemicals are used.

All of our aluminium plates are recycled by J & G Environmental Ltd.

Vegetable Based Inks

We use vegetable based litho inks and all used ink tins are recycled by J & G Environmental Ltd.


Our Anicolor presses reduce ‘make ready’ waste.

We email quotes, PDF proofs and purchase orders, reducing paper waste in the process.

Recycled Packaging

Where possible, orders are boxed in fully recyclable cardboard packaging.

Can we Help?

If you would like further information about our eco printing services please give us a call on 0117 9660078. To see our certifications click the links below:

Visit the FSC® website

Download FSC® certificate